Adam Kunz IS the future of Oshawa

A photo of Adam.

Adam Kunz, a 32 year-old IT professor at Durham College, has lived in Oshawa almost his entire life and exemplifies the generation of the future that will ultimately pay for the financial mismanagement of the City of Oshawa’s past.

Adam, who took a leave from his position to run for Mayor, became a first time home buyer last year in Oshawa and has already learned the hard way about the high tax levies in Oshawa. He understands the housing market inadequacies in Oshawa, as a home owner and on behalf of the rising student population. While his financial management skills allowed him to save a 20 per cent down payment on his new home, he understands that many in his age group are struggling just to make ends meet.

Housing affordability can take on many meanings to different people, but Adam understands that for Oshawa to continue to grow, we need a mix of residential development including single and multi occupancy in a wide range of pricing. Adam believes we need more rental accommodation to house students, new graduates entering the job market, seniors and social housing. Adam will work with his fellow councillors, locally and regionally, to develop strong ties with builders and developers and champion progressive approaches to development that meets the needs of this diverse community.

Adam enjoys playing guitar, and has been known to show up at local ‘open mic’ nights, not only to share his music but to support downtown businesses and a thriving music industry. The recent loss of the Mustache Club and associated businesses in our downtown has greatly impacted the music scene, which has a long and rich tradition in Oshawa. Adam will work with organizations and staff such as the BIA, Municipal Law Enforcement, Development Services and Economic Services to ensure that our downtown buildings are safely maintained to standard in an effort to replenish quality and proper structures able to accommodate the necessary downtown businesses and ventures that make us a community.

As an educator and a musician, Adam understands that he must be clear of any perceived conflicts, but intends to work for the good of Oshawa in general as opposed to any particular groups, affiliations or personal interests. While emphasis needs to be placed on our downtown core, growth, homelessness, poverty and the growing drug issues, this must be done in concert with the rest of the great and vast city of Oshawa. As an inclusive city, we need inclusive planning and leadership goals that treats each corner of Oshawa in a respectful manner. Most importantly, Adam intends to bring strong financial management to the city of Oshawa, and do so in a transparent and accountable manner. He says “I want to know where my tax dollars go, and you should know as well”.

Owning and living in the downtown, Adam sees the issues and problems and also understands that there is a significant misconception of our downtown. Adam vows to work with the DBIA through council to increase the attractiveness of our downtown, encourage more downtown community based events and promote a welcome, safe, entertaining downtown community. Adam will need and welcome the input of downtown merchants and residents to build a rapport of active ideas and solutions rather than idle complaints and criticisms. Elected to represent the people of Oshawa, Adam will encourage their participation and engagement to find working solutions.

Adam has been involved in his community from a young age. As a scout, aspiring musician and most recently a volunteer facilitator with the Teaching City’s Hackathon, Adam has been a member of the Oshawa community through the thriving downtown days and the developing and expanding days. Adam remembers what it once was but also knows what it can still be.

Adam Kunz IS the future of Oshawa. He represents the demographic of the future with the wisdom of Oshawa’s past. Adam can address the younger generation while still appreciating the needs of the aging population in order to make Oshawa progress into a well balanced, inclusive, accessible city for the future generations to behold.

On October 22, vote for change, vote for a future, vote for Adam Kunz.